Dec 31, 2033 7:00 PM

Imagine learning how to buy real estate with little or no money down (and no credit check)? How can you do possibly ask real estate with as little as a few hundred dollars you ask? Ever heard of these real estate strategies? Seller Financing Lease Option Subject-To Read on to learn more. We have a track record of teaching students these and more investment strategies, credit repair, advanced banking concepts, so that they can execute these strategies. Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn some new concepts. Some of our student accomplishments: Paid down $26,000 in debt in 2 months Acquired a property in Brooklyn, NY for $500 down Wholesales a property and made $5000 in profit within 30 days of learning the concepts Do you feel you’re in control of your finances and your schedule? Are you following the 40-40-40 plan? ·         You work 40 hours a week ·         for 40 years ·         to retire on 40 % of your income. We show you how you can use businesses and real estate to increase your income while reducing taxes and interest so you have more money to invest. Do you have a home mortgage, student loans or other debt? Watch the webinar to the end and you will learn something the banks don’t want you to know. We can show how to pay down your debt without changing your present lifestyle in 7-10 years and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process. By now you should know working longer hours won’t get you ahead. In fact, you may be working 2 jobs and long hours and still fall more and more behind. Learn how you can use the knowledge and tools of the rich and start getting back your freedom. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. Is it time for you to make a change? Register Now and Become Financially Literate and Free!

Feb 18, 2019 6:00 PM

DESCRIPTION Monday February 18th 20196pm-11pm DJ Take Over Tuesday February 19th 2019 (Education)Day 1 for DJs8am - 9:30am Free Breakfast - DJSwapMeet - Sponsors Showcase10am Opening Ceremony10am - Robbie Britton: Interactive On A Mission            (3.5 Interactive Games and How They Can Help You Can Make Thousands)11am - Rob Johnson: Midweek MoneyRob Johnson will be presenting his informal Seminar on MIDWEEK MONEY.  If you are looking for ways to increase your bottom line through Gameshows, Trivia and other options.  Come ready to laugh and share your ideas.  Rob has presented this interactive seminar at ArmDJs, Mobile Beat, ADJA, Midwest DJs LIVE, Marquee Show, WEDMBA, DJ TIMES, WEDJ Cruise, MBPBX Cruise, Photo Booth Expo and many local associations. Noon - 1:30pm Lunch Break 2pm - TBA3:30pm - Thomas Heath "Branding Your Planning"5pm - Ben Stowe ""8pm-11pm DJ Take Over (Part2) Wednesday February 20th 2019 (Education)Day 2 for the Wedding Pros8am - 9:00am DJSwapMeet - Sponsors Showcase9am - Vickie Musni "Marketing...from a personalities stand point"10am - Rick Brewer "Past present and future of marketing."11am - Mitch Taylor "The Help StrATEgy - Do you have ATE?"                                    (3 strategies to helping your clients.)Noon-1:30pm Lunch Break2pm - Glenn Roush ""3pm - Jamie Bodie "Profit First and Tracking Metrics" Free DJSwapMeet both days.

Dec 31, 2033 1:00 PM

Pay off your Mortgage in 5-7 Years and save over $100,000* in Interest Learn how Australians pay off mortgage in 5-7 years, and how you can do the same. Imagine you would save well over $100,000* in interest doing so. How come nobody knows about this? Well, the banks are happy to get paid for 30 years and profit from you. Why would they tell you there is a better way? And by the way, the banks themselves use this very method when they pay down their own debt. Get on the path to financial freedom and own your home free and clear of debt in less than 10 years, and put the money you save to use for your kid's education and your retirement. How can you start doing this? We have successfully helped home owners and real estate investors implement this strategy for over 15 years with a success rate of over 98%. Here are 3 ways to reduce your mortgage faster, starting with making extra payments to using velocity banking - paying the bank differently. Learn more in the webinar. Sign up for our Webinar and learn how to accelerate paying down your debt. * your savings depend on your individual situation.

Dec 31, 2033 1:00 PM

Learn from Bill how he started investing in real estate and now owns over 40 properties. He will explain how you get what you focus on. What the wealthy focus on and what the poor and middle class focus on. Learn about the 4 Levels of Real Estate Investing Wholesaling Fix & Flip Buy & Hold Money Lending Bill's Plan for Retirement Retiring with a Job vs. Retiring with a Business Debt Acceleration How to pay down your mortgage in 7-10 years instead of 30 years, and save over $100,000 in the process. Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn something new.

Dec 31, 2033 7:00 PM

Learn about Debt Elimination, Tax Reduction and Retiring through Cash Flow The old wall math. Do you still believe in retiring on 4-5% interest on your assets like Wall Street keeps telling us? If that's so, here is a little math: If you had $1,000,000 and would earn 5% interest, you would receive $50,000 before taxes, and a little more than $40,000 after taxes. How is this plan going? How is your million dollar coming along? Inferring from the average household savings most American's don't believe in this any longer. This 4 part webinar will provide some alternatives: 1. Learn how to crush your debt. We will show you 3 ways to accelerate your debt payment, actually, 2 ways to crush your debt. 2. Would you like to reduce your taxes? Learn how the wealthy use legal ways to offset their taxes, and learn how you could do the same. 3. Retire through Cash Flow Learn how can retire in 3-5 years through cash flow. Here is the simple plan for Retirement Retiring with a Job vs. Retiring with cash flowing assets. The webinar will go into how you can start working on this retirement plan and create enough cash flow in 3-5 years independent of age. Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn something new.

Jun 27, 2019 8:15 AM

You will gain a solid understanding of storage tank management requirements that can be immediately applied to storage tanks at any facility or installation. The course covers recent and upcoming changes to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Subpart I, underground storage tank regulations (40 CFR 280); spill prevention control and countermeasures (SPCC) tank requirements (40 CFR 112); effects of the 2005 Energy Bill; enforcement policy changes; and other developments. Registration Options The standard individual registration fee for this course is $1,295, payable by check or credit card. Click the green "Register" button on this page to register now. Organizations sending three or more attendees may choose the Group Registration option for a discounted rate Employees of federal, state or local governmental agencies qualify for special Government Employee rates.

Jan 27, 2019 1:00 PM

Join us for your Free Numerology Report and Reading... In this personalized video report, we’ll explore your Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge Numbers (and more) in ways you’ve NEVER (ever) seen before to reveal... Deep desires you may be ignoring and what you can do to finally attain them... Where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy and how you can make an easy and effortless “switch” to end the struggle... What makes you tick, your attitude towards work, and the perfect environment you need to flourish professionally... Secret talents and hidden strengths (and how to use them to get what you truly want!)... CLICK HERE to get your Free Numerology Report and Reading now! Powerful insight into your character, quirky personality traits, and the unique ways in which you relate to others... Upcoming challenges and lessons you’re meant to learn in this life as well as unexplored opportunities and to change your life for the better… Your #1 Numerology Expert in Hilton Head Island! CLICK HERE to get your Free Numerology Report and Reading now!

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Author Janine Infante Bosco & JB's Book Obsession are once again bringing your favorite authors and cover models to Staten Island, NY for their third annual signing event. It will be a weekend filled with fun, friends and books. Come get Tempted and Tantalized at the Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island, NY Saturday September 21, 2019 for the main event. Also join us for any of our mini events throughout the weekend. ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. However, you may sell your ticket in our Facebook event group or the event Facebook page. Contact the event coordinators for details if necessary. A NIGHT WITH THE KNIGHTS FRIDAY 9.20.19 SATAN'S KNIGHTS PROSPECT REVEAL PARTYTIME: 6PM-10PMLOCATION: THE SATAN'S KNIGHTS CLUBHOUSE$75.00 Description:​Janine Infante Bosco and her Knights are taking you on a ride you won't forget. The Satan's Knights are cashing in on their longstanding contract with the bus company and have chartered a bus to transport you to their clubhouse, where three NEW prospects will be waiting to be patched in.Confirmed models for shoot, Nick Bennett as "Blackie", Darrin Dedmon as "Wolf", Josh McCann as "Riggs", Charlie Dex Alexander as “Shady” and Michelle Mcleod as "Maria Bianci"Disclaimer: At the time of listing all models have been confirmed. However, should unforeseen circumstance happen, the shoot will go on as planned with the models in attendance. Theprospects will not be announced as attending models and will be revealed at the clubhouse. All have sign confidentiality agreements to secure the surprise.*This is a separate event from the Saturday main event. If you are an attending author, PA or volunteer and would like to attend this mini event you need to purchase a ticket when they go on sale. *​Ticket includes bus transportation to the Satan’s Knights clubhouse, two professional photo shoots, (one with the three prospects to be revealed the night of the party and one with the Satan’s Knights originals in attendance for the event) and a special gift from the Knights to commemorate the evening. Dinner is also included with your admission to this event and there will be a cash bar available. But wait! There's more. You will also receive a $5.00 voucher which may redeemed on Saturday when you visit Janine's table and purchase the three Prospect paperbacks.​*CHECK IN AT THE LOBBY Between 5:15-5:45 BUS WILL DEPART AT 5:45 SHARP* LIMITED TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE. #TNTNYC19 VIP 9.21.19 BREAKFAST WITH THE INDUSTRY PANEL & EARLY ENTRY TICKETLOCATION:HILTON GARDEN INN,BRITTONS OAK BALLROOM$60.00 Description:VIP Breakfast Early Entry Ticket “INDUSTRY PANEL” 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Ticket includes breakfast and admission to our “Industry Panel”. Host, Janine Infante Bosco is grabbing the mic and putting the participating models, photographers and authors in the’ hot seat’. Learn the ins and outs of the book world and how authors choose the perfect model to represent their work. We’ll also get inside the heads of the models we love and respect, and discover how they became part of the industry. Also, she’ll be passing the mic to other authors as they grill their models.This VIP ticket also includes early entry to the main event ballroom at 10:30 AM to 3 PM, the official event tote bag with commemorative gift from our sponsors.*Arrive at 8:45 AM for registration* *IF YOU PURCHASE THIS TICKET YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE A GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET THIS VIP EARLY ENTRY IS THE ONLY TICKET YOU NEED. *  #TNTNYC19 GENERAL ADMISSION 9.21.19 LOCATION: HILTON GARDEN INN,  PERSIMMON, MAGNOLIA & JUNEBERRY BALLROOMS$20.00 Description: ​INCLUDES OFFICIAL EVENT TOTE BAG AND ENTRY INTO THE MAIN EVENT BALLROOM FROM 11:30 AM TO 3:00 PM.*ARRIVE AT 11:00 AM FOR REGISTRATION* #TNTNYC19 ALL ACCESS PASS 9.21.19-9.22.19​$155.00*LIMITED QUANTITY* Description: Saturday Breakfast VIP Early Entry Ticket/All day entry to the main event. 9 AM to 3 PMSaturday Cocktail Reception TicketSunday Patched Over Boozy Brunch Ticket (at O’Neill’s – offsite venue)TICKET HOLDERS WILL CHECK IN SATURDAY MORNING AND RECEIVE A SPECIAL ALL ACCESS PASS THAT EXCUSES THEM FROM CHECKING INTO THE COCKTAIL RECEPTION AND THE BOOZY BRUNCH. ALL ACCESS PASSES MUST BE SHOWN UPON ENTRY TO THESE THREE EVENTS. COCKTAIL RECEPTION 9.21.19 TIME: 7PM-10PMLOCATION: HILTON GARDEN INN, LOBBY LOUNGE​$55.00 Description:Cocktail reception will be in the Lobby Lounge and will begin at 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM - light refreshments, DJ and cash bar.*This is a separate ticket and is NOT included in any of the other tickets for sale* PATCHED OVER BOOZY BRUNCH 9.22.19 11AM-2PM​O'NEILL'S 1614 FOREST AVE​$45.00 Description: Pass these ‘Ol ladies a Bloody Mary and spend the morning with the authors of the #TNTNYC19 Patched Over Anthology. Get to know the women behind the badass characters and put them in the hot seat.  No question is off limits—in fact, the more daring, the more fun had by all.Featured Authors Include: Ambere Sabo, Cecile Tellier, Elizabeth Knox, Janine Infante Bosco, Khloe Wren, Linny Lawless, M. Merin & MariaLisa Demora….But, this being TNT and all, you never know just who else might pop in..​Remember, “Patched Over” is exclusive to #TNTNYC19 and will not be in print anywhere else. You can preorder your copy and few will be available at the event along with other “Patched Over” merchandise.Ticket includes admission into this three-hour event, brunch and a gift bag from the participating authors.There are LIMITED seats available and none will be added. There will be a cash bar on site serving up Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and Irish Cordial Coffee.Sunday September 22, 2019O'Neill's 1614 Forest AveTime: 11AM-2PM *This is a separate event from the Saturday main event. If you are an attending author, PA or volunteer and would like to attend this mini event you need to purchase a ticket when they go on sale. * At the time of posting an UberX to the venue is $11.63

Jan 22, 2019 6:00 PM

Katie Blomquist, the host of Downtown Charleston Networking powered by Rockstar Connect, invites you to an evening of Rockstar Connect networking at Bay Street Biergarten on Tuesday, January 22nd, 6 PM to 8 PM. It is a mix-and-mingle, after-hours business networking event and all may attend. Unlike other evening networking events, admission is free of charge, there are no boring speakers and no one is trying to sell you anything. Bring your old friends, make new friends and create your next meaningful business connection.Bay Street Biergarten is providing complimentary finger foods on a first come first served basis as well as the free event space. Attendees are encouraged to reciprocate the venue’s generosity by making a beverage purchase and by tipping their servers. It is the Rockstar thing to do. Feel free to come early for dinner, or stay after for drinks. Rockstar Connect events are held in hundreds of cities around the United States and Canada and hundreds of thousands of networkers attend Rockstar Connect events every year. Our hosts believe that you have to give in order to get, which is why they organize this monthly event to support their local business community. Direct all questions to Rockstar Connect: 1 (800) 205-2327.  Katie Blomquist Rockstar Connect All attendees are welcome, either living in or visiting the Greater Charleston, South Carolina area: Mount Pleasant, SC, North Charleston, SC, Hanahan, SC, Goose Creek, SC, Ladson, SC, Summerville, SC, Beaufort, SC, Georgetown, SC, Hilton Head Island, SC, Orangeburg, SC, Wilmington Island, GA, Sumter, SC, Rincon, GA, Socastee, SC, Savannah, GA, Anson Borough Homes, SC, Wragg Borough Homes, SC, Gadsden Green Homes, SC, Harbor View, SC, Lakeview of Lawton Bluff, SC, Wappo Heights, SC, The Crescent, SC, Country Club Estates, SC, Lawton Bluff, SC, Battery Point, SC, Stiles Point, SC, Bayview Acres, SC, Fort Johnson Estates, SC, Harbor Woods, SC, South Windermire, SC, Marsh Point, SC, Clarks Point, SC

Jan 25, 2019 7:00 PM

This two-day summit hosted by Elder Brian Moore endeavors to create a space for prophets and prophetic people to gather and be sharpened, challenged, stretched, equipped and restored. The designated times of gathering for the summit are 7:00 PM (Friday) and 9:00 AM (Saturday). Special guest speakers include: Prophet William Johnson (Hilton Head Island, SC), Apostle Gregory Kelley (Jonesboro, GA), Prophetess Veronica Lewis (Dallas, TX), and Prophetess Francine Riley (Atlanta, GA).  Announcements regarding special psalmists are forthcoming.

Jan 24, 2019 6:30 PM

Healing & Miracle Service Are you, your friend, or your family in need of a healing or miracle? Do you feel like giving up and you need a breakthrough? Come expecting Jesus to meet all your needs. Get ‘blasted’ by the power of God and you will see things shift and change. Hosted by Robert Whitfield & Lauren Martel-Whitfield. REQUIRED RSVP: Call 843-298-3831. It's in a gated community in Hilton Head Island, SC. No admission | freewill offering

Feb 01, 2019 9:00 AM

This year we are partnering with the Warren Family Life Center to present Treasured ... a weekend for women that will refresh your mind, body, and soul. Based on the guiding verse from Psalm 139:14 which says, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, this year's women's retreat is designed to encourage women to see themselves the way that God does-- wildly beautiful, fiercely courageous, immeasurably loved. Women of all ages and stages of life are welcome to join us for this unforgettable girl's weekend getaway on beautiful Hilton Head Island. High school girls are welcome if accompanied by an adult.                                                                     Introducing Our Speaker: Katie Orr                                        Katie's Website: What you can expect: 2 nights accommodations at the luxurious Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island, SC 4 meals (Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner & Sunday breakfast) Friday Dessert Welcome Reception Swag Bag (Custom bag & short-sleeve t-shirt, travel mug, print, earrings, chocolate and more!) 4, large-group sessions by on our theme and guiding verse Multiple Breakout sessions (Topics: Fear & Anxiety, Prayer, Stress, Self-Care, Family/Children, and more) Praise & Worship Service Project Morning Christian Yoga on the beach Prayer & Quiet Reflection Room Lots of small group/conversation time Games, movies, popcorn, and more 10% discount at the resort's Arum Spa Complimentary Internet access Complimentary self-parking 24-hour fitness center access Heated outdoor pools & Hot Tub Complimentary daily paper by request at check-in In-room Keurig coffee maker & refrigerator Cost: Double Occupancy (2 per room) = $315 per person Triple Occupancy (3 per room) = $260 per person Quad Occupancy (4 per room) = $230 per person Please note that you are responsible for finding your own roommate(s) for the retreat. We will not place you in a room with anyone.  Reserve your spot today with only a $50 deposit when you choose our partial payment option or choose our pay in full option and receive a free custom long-sleeve retreat t-shirt.  *Balance due on Jan 15 with the partial Payment option. (Payment--check or cash--accepted at Family Life Center or Women's Ministry office.) To avoid processing fees, you may register in the Women's Ministry office, but payment by cash or check is required. Please call our office to arrange a time to complete in-person registration: 706.922.7026. Itinerary: Friday 4:00 – Check-in begins (Dinner on your own) 7:00 – Welcome Reception (Desserts and more!) 7:30 – Large-group session 1 9:00 – Fun & Free time (Games, movie, late night chats) Saturday 7:00-9:00 – Breakfast & Quiet time at your leisure 9:00- Large-group session 2 11:00 – Breakout session 12:15 – Lunch  1:30 – Breakout session 2:45 – Break 3:00 – Breakout session – Free time (Movie & popcorn, prayer room, naptime, reading, relaxing) 4:00 – Free time (Movie & popcorn, prayer room, naptime, reading, relaxing) 6:00 – Dinner 7:30 – Large-group Session 3 9:00 – Service Project 10:00 – Free time Sunday 7:00-10:00 – Breakfast & Quiet time at your leisure 10:00 – Large-group session 4  Noon – Depart for home … shop on the way at the outlets!!!