Dec 31, 2033 7:00 PM

Imagine learning how to buy real estate with little or no money down (and no credit check)? How can you do possibly ask real estate with as little as a few hundred dollars you ask? Ever heard of these real estate strategies? Seller Financing Lease Option Subject-To Read on to learn more. We have a track record of teaching students these and more investment strategies, credit repair, advanced banking concepts, so that they can execute these strategies. Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn some new concepts. Some of our student accomplishments: Paid down $26,000 in debt in 2 months Acquired a property in Brooklyn, NY for $500 down Wholesales a property and made $5000 in profit within 30 days of learning the concepts Do you feel you’re in control of your finances and your schedule? Are you following the 40-40-40 plan? ·         You work 40 hours a week ·         for 40 years ·         to retire on 40 % of your income. We show you how you can use businesses and real estate to increase your income while reducing taxes and interest so you have more money to invest. Do you have a home mortgage, student loans or other debt? Watch the webinar to the end and you will learn something the banks don’t want you to know. We can show how to pay down your debt without changing your present lifestyle in 7-10 years and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process. By now you should know working longer hours won’t get you ahead. In fact, you may be working 2 jobs and long hours and still fall more and more behind. Learn how you can use the knowledge and tools of the rich and start getting back your freedom. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. Is it time for you to make a change? Register Now and Become Financially Literate and Free!

Apr 27, 2019 1:00 PM

Hilton Head Poshers!! You are cordially invited to a Posh N Sip at Hickory Tavern on Hilton Head Island on Saturday April 27, 2019 from 1:00-3:00 PM. We will be discussing all things Poshmark in a question and answer session based on what attendees are trying to get out of their Posh business. We will help with tips and tricks for successful sales, covershots, listing, social media, etc.  Poshmark is a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion. Download the Poshmark app and shop from millions of people across America. Your tickets includes: Welcome Cocktail up to $10 value (Tax & Tip Included) Swag Bag Raffle Ticket **Food and additioanl beverage consumption after the Welcome Cocktail will be on a seperate bill paid by you. **Tickets are non-refundable Looking forward to seeing you for a fun filled afternoon!

Dec 31, 2033 1:00 PM

Pay off your Mortgage in 5-7 Years and save over $100,000* in Interest Learn how Australians pay off mortgage in 5-7 years, and how you can do the same. Imagine you would save well over $100,000* in interest doing so. How come nobody knows about this? Well, the banks are happy to get paid for 30 years and profit from you. Why would they tell you there is a better way? And by the way, the banks themselves use this very method when they pay down their own debt. Get on the path to financial freedom and own your home free and clear of debt in less than 10 years, and put the money you save to use for your kid's education and your retirement. How can you start doing this? We have successfully helped home owners and real estate investors implement this strategy for over 15 years with a success rate of over 98%. Here are 3 ways to reduce your mortgage faster, starting with making extra payments to using velocity banking - paying the bank differently. Learn more in the webinar. Sign up for our Webinar and learn how to accelerate paying down your debt. * your savings depend on your individual situation.

Dec 31, 2033 1:00 PM

Learn from Bill how he started investing in real estate and now owns over 40 properties. He will explain how you get what you focus on. What the wealthy focus on and what the poor and middle class focus on. Learn about the 4 Levels of Real Estate Investing Wholesaling Fix & Flip Buy & Hold Money Lending Bill's Plan for Retirement Retiring with a Job vs. Retiring with a Business Debt Acceleration How to pay down your mortgage in 7-10 years instead of 30 years, and save over $100,000 in the process. Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn something new.

Dec 31, 2033 7:00 PM

Learn about Debt Elimination, Tax Reduction and Retiring through Cash Flow The old wall math. Do you still believe in retiring on 4-5% interest on your assets like Wall Street keeps telling us? If that's so, here is a little math: If you had $1,000,000 and would earn 5% interest, you would receive $50,000 before taxes, and a little more than $40,000 after taxes. How is this plan going? How is your million dollar coming along? Inferring from the average household savings most American's don't believe in this any longer. This 4 part webinar will provide some alternatives: 1. Learn how to crush your debt. We will show you 3 ways to accelerate your debt payment, actually, 2 ways to crush your debt. 2. Would you like to reduce your taxes? Learn how the wealthy use legal ways to offset their taxes, and learn how you could do the same. 3. Retire through Cash Flow Learn how can retire in 3-5 years through cash flow. Here is the simple plan for Retirement Retiring with a Job vs. Retiring with cash flowing assets. The webinar will go into how you can start working on this retirement plan and create enough cash flow in 3-5 years independent of age. Enjoy the webinar and we guarantee you will learn something new.

Apr 23, 2019 6:00 PM

Katie Blomquist, the host of Downtown Charleston Networking powered by Rockstar Connect, invites you to an evening of Rockstar Connect networking at Bay Street Biergarten on Tuesday, April 23rd, 6 PM to 8 PM. It is a mix-and-mingle, after-hours business networking event and all may attend. Unlike other evening networking events, admission is free of charge, there are no boring speakers and no one is trying to sell you anything. Bring your old friends, make new friends and create your next meaningful business connection.Bay Street Biergarten is providing complimentary finger foods on a first come first served basis as well as the free event space. Attendees are encouraged to reciprocate the venue’s generosity by making a beverage purchase and by tipping their servers. It is the Rockstar thing to do. Feel free to come early for dinner, or stay after for drinks. Rockstar Connect events are held in hundreds of cities around the United States and Canada and hundreds of thousands of networkers attend Rockstar Connect events every year. Our hosts believe that you have to give in order to get, which is why they organize this monthly event to support their local business community. Direct all questions to Rockstar Connect: 1 (800) 205-2327.  Katie Blomquist Rockstar Connect All attendees are welcome, either living in or visiting the Greater Charleston, South Carolina area: Mount Pleasant, SC, North Charleston, SC, Hanahan, SC, Goose Creek, SC, Ladson, SC, Summerville, SC, Beaufort, SC, Georgetown, SC, Hilton Head Island, SC, Orangeburg, SC, Wilmington Island, GA, Sumter, SC, Rincon, GA, Socastee, SC, Savannah, GA, Anson Borough Homes, SC, Wragg Borough Homes, SC, Gadsden Green Homes, SC, Harbor View, SC, Lakeview of Lawton Bluff, SC, Wappo Heights, SC, The Crescent, SC, Country Club Estates, SC, Lawton Bluff, SC, Battery Point, SC, Stiles Point, SC, Bayview Acres, SC, Fort Johnson Estates, SC, Harbor Woods, SC, South Windermire, SC, Marsh Point, SC, Clarks Point, SC

May 12, 2019 7:00 PM

Trevor Hall Rooftop Bar (Hilton Head Island, SC) Ages 18+ Doors 7pm  No refunds

Jul 27, 2019 10:45 PM

The Daly Planet #LiveMusic at #BigBambooCafe #ColignyPlaza #HiltonHead The iconic Daly family have been deep rooted in Hilton Head’s music scene for over a quarter of a century. Celebrate The Holidays with THE DALY PLANET at The Big Bamboo Cafe in Hilton Head Island, SC. $5 pre-sell tickets online or $10 tickets at the door.

Apr 27, 2019 11:30 AM

ORANGE CRUSH 2019 BIGGEST BEACH BASH WEEKEND IN AMERICA | APRIL 25-28 | Tybee Island | Savannah GA | Hilton Head SC

Apr 24, 2019 10:45 PM

#PATWA #Reggae Night at the #BigBambooCafe on #HiltonHeadIsland!Live Reggae Music Every Wednesday Night at The Big Bamboo Cafe Hilton Head.  ***Drink Specials: Ice Cold Red Stripe #beer#Colignyplaza #HHI #Colignybeach #HiltonHead #hiltonheadlivemusic #hiltonheadbars #reggaemusichhi

Oct 18, 2019 7:00 PM

Marriage is Still a Great Idea! Join us this year for a Weekend of Love on the beautiful Island of Hilton Head Island, SC. Don't miss being the 1st to register, there is a special gift for you if you and love are the one!  Hotel Cost is $291 and deadline for booking is October 1, 2019. Ask for 5 Star Couples Retreat or 5SM.  Register is $50 per couple and deadline for Registeration is September 2, 2019. 

Apr 29, 2019 3:00 PM

*Please note- This online registration is for Sea Pines Property Owners planning to attend this meeting in person.  Sea Pines ASPPPO & CSA Annual Meeting- Event Seating Registration April 29th from 3-5 PMSea Pines Country Club 30 Governors Road Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 For attendance purposes we are asking for Property Owners to reserve a seat for the meeting.  Reserve your seat by completing the seat registration for each property owner that will be attending.  In person seating is limited to the first 350 property, so sign up today! In person registrations for this event will be taken online only.